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The ten happiest states

The Huffington Post has an article “These Are The 10 Happiest States In America.”  When magazines or online sites have lists like this I am not sure I agree with them.  The top ten on this list is interesting.
  The top ten from 10 to 1 are;  New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, New Jersey, Nebraska, California, Hawaii, Utah, and Minnesota.

My home state of Missouri is 43 on the list.  Kansas is 27 on the list!
Kansas is 27?  Sorry, but I do not understand that.  Kansas has the worst Governor of any state!  Sam Brownback, a Republican, has turned the state of Kansas into a shit hole.  I live in Texas now and it is 28 on the list.  Florida is number 31.

    What do you think about the list?