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RadFxSat – Fox-1B Launched

AMSAT NEWS SERVICE SPECIAL BULLETIN SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-322.01 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launched, Designated AMSAT-OSCAR 91 (AO-91) AMSAT News Service Bulletin 322.01 From AMSAT HQ KENSINGTON, MD. DATE November 18, 2017 To All RADIO AMATEURS BID: $ANS-322.01 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launched, Designated AMSAT-OSCAR 91 (AO-91) The Delta II rocket carrying RadFxSat (Fox-1B) launched at 09:47:36 UTC… Read More ›

FOX1B – soon

FOX1B – soon to fly Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:11 am (PDT) . Posted by: n6jsx FOX1B is expected to fly on November 10, 2017 from Vandenburg AFB. HAMdom might just get a nice Christmas present this year – with the bird fully open for use. All FOX’s are expected to live in orbit +10yrs. FM… Read More ›