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Hay fever time for me

The pollen count in Fort Worth (TX) is high.  The pollen count today, September 23, is 11.4 and Sunday are going to be 11.4 and Monday 11.5 and Tuesday down to 9.5.  Wednesday will be 5.7 and this is medium (4.9 to 7.2).
 Hay fever hit me late in life.  I was in Kansas City (MO).  When I left KC in 2000 and went to Orlando (FL) it was not as big a problem.  So, I have good years and bad years.  This is a bad year.
At my age, I do not want to just sleep away my life.  So, I cannot sleep until the count goes down.

Sunday I got a Western Digital Caviar Blue 320 GB hard drive getting here.  I need to install that in a box.  You will see me doing that in a video soon.

Box for hard drive



Hurricane Watch Net

“I am a amateur radio operator and am a member of The Hurricane Watch Net. We have been in operation for 50 years and provide support to The National Hurricane Center during the hurricane season. I plan on broadcasting our activations from my station here in New York.

This feed includes:
The Hurricane Watch Net – 14.325 MHz USB
The Hurricane Watch Net – 7.268 MHz LSB
Generally, we use only one frequency at a time determined by propagation conditions.
Callsigns used – individual amateur radio callsign determined by the participants. Also, the amateur radio station (WX4NHC) located at The National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL is a part of our group.
This broadcast will originate from my home amateur radio station, NN2NN, utilizing my transceivers and antennas located in Niagara Falls, NY.”


Amazon retiring aStore

Many of us have Amazon aStores. Well, Amazon is killing them. They are on their way out. The last day for your aStore will be October 27 of 2017.

After July 14th you cannot create a new aStore.
After August 11 you cannot edit an existing store.
On October 27th the stores are gone.

Many of us on YouTube use product links to Amazon. Those will still work.

TRAM Scanner Antenna @Amazon:
US TV Station Listing:

My Amazon aStore Page:

Video of my computer room and hardware

Video of my computer room and computer hardware July 2017

This is a current view of my computer room, bedroom, and of a possum that has been coming to eat the food we put out for cats.

This video was made with my Panasonic FZ200 camera.

FZ200 camera @Amazon:
A FZ300 Camera (4K) @Amazon:

I do not have a 4K digital camera.
I hope to get one day the Panasonic Lumix G7 4K camera.
Panasonic G7 4K @Amazon:
It is on My Amazon Wish List: