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Trump vs THE WORLD

February 21, 2018


Save Net Neutrality

Friends. Allies. Compatriots. We may have lost the net neutrality battle, but the war is far from over. Our FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, was once a good man. A smart man. A fair man. He was a man with the best interests of internet users in his heart. Unfortunately, it now seems clear that brain… Read More ›

My God we made a mistake fighting a war to keep the south in the union!

CNN’s Jakes Tapper fact checks Roy Moore campaign spokesman Ted Crockett, who inaccurately claimed that a Christian Bible must, by law, be used when being sworn into office. Brian Garrow6 hours ago Public officials should swear on a copy of the Constitution. That might be a good idea.  How about they have to take a… Read More ›

Trump to Have a Physical at Walter Reed

CNN report:  “Trump will undergo a physical and release details early next year“ CNN says that Trump will undergo a physical examination early next year and allow doctors to release details of his medical evaluation.   We all know how Trump acts and we know that he lies. I do not think he can open his… Read More ›

Trump Hints at Scarborough MURDER

Trump is now asserting that Joe Scarborough killed an intern while he was a congressman in Florida. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Read more here:… “When a guest, Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos, mentioned… Read More ›

Happy Halloween 2017

I am 77 years of age.  Wanting a return to the “good old days”, I suspect, is code for wanting a time when America was white and colored knew their place. There was a time when  Halloween was a great holiday.  I suspect that it was as great for colored but I do not know… Read More ›

President Trump to make it unsafe to fly?

  FAA Panel Delivers Sweeping Recommendations on Deregulation — Update DOW JONES & COMPANY, INC. 7:29 PM ET 9/17/2017 A federal advisory committee’s sweeping deregulation proposals are roiling the world of airplane safety. As part of President Donald Trump’s governmentwide drive targeting what he and aides call outdated or unnecessary restrictions, the panel of industry… Read More ›

No Florida for me

In 2000 I moved from Missouri to Florida.  I lived for a year or so in Orlando (FL) and it was OK.  Nice weather and I drove over to Miami and went to a nude beach.  I went to Titusville for a beach a number of times.  I loved the beach. I then moved to… Read More ›

The ten happiest states

The Huffington Post has an article “These Are The 10 Happiest States In America.”  When magazines or online sites have lists like this I am not sure I agree with them.  The top ten on this list is interesting.   The top ten from 10 to 1 are;  New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, New Jersey,… Read More ›