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No Florida for me

In 2000 I moved from Missouri to Florida.  I lived for a year or so in Orlando (FL) and it was OK.  Nice weather and I drove over to Miami and went to a nude beach.  I went to Titusville for a beach a number of times.  I loved the beach.
I then moved to Texas for a year or so and then back to Florida.  I lived in Miami (FL).  I loved the weather and beaches and driving down to the Florida Keys.
I was in FL for a number of years and for a number of Hurricanes.
I still loved Florida.
I moved back to Texas because of the family but my dream was to move back sometime to FL.

CNN:  Nursing home deaths how the risks of being old in Florida

   I am 76 years of age now.  Now, is the time to give up the dream of Florida.  I am too old to put up with Hurricanes.
I may end my days in Texas, God help me.  Fort Worth is a nice town.  I like the downtown area.  There are a lot of great eating places here.
If you follow my blog and my YouTube videos you will know that I am a Democrat for sure.  I am very Liberal.  I think all of the big cities in Texas are Democratic.  Austin is one of the most Liberal cities in the United States. 


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My son in Florida and Irma

 I have a grown son that lives in Florida.  He lives on the east coast and in about the middle of FL.

  He has a small apartment and a small business in a small strip mall.
  During Irma the water was right up to his apartment door but did not come into the apartment.  He did lose power for about 24 hours.  After the power came back his cable service is dead or almost dead.  So right now for his home, the Internet and cable service is the problem.

Now his small shop is another thing.  The roof was taken off the entire strip mall. Part of the roof is in his shop.  He got rain damage inside the shop.   He is not sure if the owner of the strip mall is going to fix the strip mall or going to tear it down or sell it.
It sounds, to me, like he is out of business.  It was hard making it before and Irma may have put him out of business.

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The Equifax Hack

My guess is that you heard about the Equifax Hack.  The personal information of 143 million Americans was exposed.

CNN Stories:

Giant Equifax data breach: 143 million people could be affected


The biggest data breaches ever


How to find out if you’re affected by the Equifax hack

Equifax execs sold stock before hack was disclosed


I was one of the 143 million that had their data hacked!
Equifax is offering help.
No help until next week for me.  Plus in order to get the use of their credit monitoring service for free, I have to agree not to sue them.  I have never sued anyone in my life.  I had no plans to sue.  NOW, I am wondering if I want to be part of some class action law suit.
Plus Equifax will only offer their monitoring service.  They do not offer any help or assistance!