I have a Go Fund Me Page!

  I have a GoFundMe page.  I think it has been set up for a very long time.  I forget when I set it up.  The goal was to get $2000.00 in donations.  So far I have raised $5.00 so I would not say my GoFundMe page is a success.  

“My name is Jim Howard and I got my first computer in 1978.  I put a bulletin board system online in 1982.  It was called Howard’s Notebook and at first, it was 300 baud dial-up.  When the world wide web was invented in 1995 Howard’s Notebook moved to the web.

From the very beginning, I was doing everything with lost cost software and hardware.  I had to write my first BBS program in BASIC.  

My first computer did not have a floppy drive or hard drive, and I had to use a cassette tape recorder. The cost to add floppy drive would have been $350.00 for the interface and $350.00 for the floppy drive.

From the very first day, I was helping new people get online.  I have been doing that for 35 years.

In 1984 Howard’s Notebook was picked by “Line-Up” magazine as one of the ten best sites in the world.  

In 2005 I was one of the people featured in “BBS: The Documentary .”

I was one of the first people to stream video.  I was online blogging and streaming video before YouTube (2005), before Google (1998) and all of the others.

I started using YouTube when they started up in 2005 and I have over 844 videos on YouTube .  I have 2,423 subscribers.

  I am 77 years old and I have been helping online people and providing services.  I was one of the first to bring Internet email and newsgroups into Kansas City (MO) at no cost.

I always had to do it on the cheap.  I never could afford top of the line hardware or software.  I got the job done but others could afford better hardware and software.

I am living on a very small retirement.  Like many others, I just make it month to month.  

I would love to move up to a new powerful computer and video equipment and get to see just how much good I could do with some first-class video production videos on YouTube.

If you would like to see what a difference an old man could do with a first class computer and camera on YouTube I would welcome your help.

I would love to make better videos to help people.  This might be the way I could do it.

If you want to help I would thank you very much.”

Jim Howard  NØUWY


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