My son in Florida and Irma

 I have a grown son that lives in Florida.  He lives on the east coast and in about the middle of FL.

  He has a small apartment and a small business in a small strip mall.
  During Irma the water was right up to his apartment door but did not come into the apartment.  He did lose power for about 24 hours.  After the power came back his cable service is dead or almost dead.  So right now for his home, the Internet and cable service is the problem.

Now his small shop is another thing.  The roof was taken off the entire strip mall. Part of the roof is in his shop.  He got rain damage inside the shop.   He is not sure if the owner of the strip mall is going to fix the strip mall or going to tear it down or sell it.
It sounds, to me, like he is out of business.  It was hard making it before and Irma may have put him out of business.

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